The Coal Industry is Dying Despite Trump's Efforts to Save It

One of President Trump's signature campaign promises in 2016 was to save the coal industry by undermining efforts to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. However, Hilary Clinton and many energy industry analysts warned that market forces, not regulation, was the culprit, and they were correct.

Natural gas and renewables have been getting cheaper and electric power generating companies are adopting those cleaner alternatives for their newer plants. President Obama's Clean Power Plan may have hurried the process a bit, but energy industry executives had already determined that coal didn't have a long-term future.

Recently President Trump has taken credit for saving coal by rolling back some Obama-era regulations. It's a lie, and now even Trump supporters in the industry are admitting it.

CNN: "The president of United Mine Workers of America said Wednesday that the coal industry is not "back," despite President Donald Trump's claims."
"Cecil Roberts said at an event in Washington that his message to Trump and others running for president in 2020 is: "Coal's not back. Nobody saved the coal industry." He said coal-fired plants are closing all over the country, calling it a "harsh reality."

The truth is that more coal-fired power plants have closed during the Trump administration than during Obama's entire first term. Coal isn't "back" as Trump continues to claim. Renewables and natural gas represent the future of generating electric power. And that is a good thing.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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