Maybe Now the Trump Administration Will Stop Downplaying the Virus & Undermining Health Experts

President Trump and the first lady have tested positive for the coronavirus. Health experts aren't terribly surprised. Trump has put his health and that of his supporters at risk by holding mass rallies and refusing to wear a mask or social distance while claiming that the risks are overblown, openly deriding safety protocols established by state and local officials.

NBC: "This was avoidable. This did not have to happen if they were practicing the proper procedures and not going to these rallies and having these chaotic events, where, of course, airborne exposure was going to happen despite it being in an outdoor setting," said NBC News contributor Dr. Vin Gupta, a lung specialist at the University of Washington.
"No masking, no distancing — what did they expect was going to happen?"

Moreover, the President has been the worst possible example for the nation, continuously downplaying the risks associated with the virus and undermining his health officials. Just weeks ago, he mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask in public and insisted that reporters remove theirs at his news conferences. And, his attempts to block mail-in voting will put lives at risk during the election. Donald Trump's leadership during this time of national peril has been chaotic, clumsy, and inconsistent and that has cost American lives.

However, like most everyone around the nation, we wish the President and first lady a speedy recovery. But maybe this is the wake-up call the administration needs. Perhaps now the President and his staff will take the threat seriously and rally the nation to fight the continued spread of Covid-19, especially as the virus spikes again in parts of the country. The President has a unique opportunity for redemption and he could save lives.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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