Former GOP Governor John Kasich is Speaking & Voting for Joe Biden to Save "The Soul of the Country"

Lifelong Republican and former Ohio congressman and Governor John Kasich has endorsed Joe Biden for President and will speak at the Democratic Convention tonight. He has also stated publicly that he will vote for Biden in November. He has seen enough of Donald Trump and believes the President has divided the nation and damaged the very soul of America.

New York Times: "You know, I had always been hopeful, even after the convention and after the election, that perhaps we would see a change in the president, but we just never have. I happen to think it’s the soul of our country that is being damaged, and that’s what I’m concerned about.”

And, he supports Joe Biden because he believes that he can begin the process of ending the tribalism and heal some of the divisions in America.

The New York Times: “With Biden, who I’ve known for a long time, I just think that he has the ability to be patient and bring people together and to try to solve some of our big problems by engaging in dialogue,” he added. “Nothing great was ever achieved in this country where we’re fighting with each other like we are now, nothing. And significant things can be accomplished when there’s respect on all sides regardless of some fundamental differences.”

Kasich understands what's at stake in November, stating today in an interview that he is "deeply worried about our nation. I think if we continue this, I worry about how we ever will recover.”

And, so he has joined a long list of Republican statesmen who have put country above party, warning that Donald Trump poses a danger to the institutions that make up the foundation of the republic.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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