Focus Group Voter Says Debating Trump is Like Trying To“Win an Argument With a Crackhead"

Republican pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group during last night's raucous debate and asked the 17 undecided voters from swing states to use one word to describe the president during the encounter. The results were as you might imagine if you tuned in; their responses were overwhelmingly negative, including “horrid,” “chaotic,” “unpolished,” "puzzling,” “un-American,” “unhinged,” “an ass, but a confident ass,” “bully,” and “arrogant.” Ruthie, a voter from Pennsylvania, described debating Trump as trying towin an argument with a crackhead.”

The instant polls after the debate found that the vast majority of Americans believe Biden won the debate [60%-28%], and appeared more presidential and informed, but it's unclear that anyone actually learned anything new. Donald Trump is a narcissistic buffoon who knows nothing about public policy issues so he lies, calls people names, and spouts inane cliches. If you didn't already know that, I'm not sure where you have been for the last three years.

And, in case anyone was still wondering, when Chris Wallace asked whether he condemned white supremacists, Trump verified to the world that he feels quite comfortable with the racists within his base telling the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by.”

New York Times: "The Proud Boys describe themselves as “a pro-Western fraternal organization for men.” The group has openly endorsed violence, and has recently been tied to several violent incidents at recent protests."

Apparently, the Proud Boys, who the Anti-Defamation League calls “hard-core white supremacists.” have now changed their logo to include the President's statement.

But, even Trump's endorsement of a violent white supremacist group probably won't move the needle on the presidential race very much. Trump's base already knew that he is an unabashed racist. And, sadly, it becomes clearer by the day that quite a few of them view it as a feature rather than a defect.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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