Amy Klobuchar Shines at NH Debate & What it Might Mean For the Nomination Process

Sen. Amy Klobuchar followed her stronger than expected showing in Iowa [right on the heels of Biden and Warren] with a masterful debate performance in New Hampshire. She was the consensus winner. Klobuchar had been good in each of the debates leading up to last night, but she saved her best performance for the Granite State.

NPR: "But it was Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who stood out. Sure, she got in her attacks. She went after Buttigieg (again) for his experience and Sanders by saying his health care plan is "not real," because two-thirds of Democrats in the Senate are not on board with it. She was clear, forceful and direct in this debate, especially at the end when she articulated a clear case against Trump."
New York Times, Bret Stephens (10/10) — "Klobuchar had her best night of the campaign and should be recognized as the debate’s victor. Her closing lines, playing off of the memory of F.D.R., were as convincing as they were canny."
New York Post, Senator Amy Klobuchar: "She has Biden’s folksy touch, Warren’s substance and Pete’s sense of decency. She did well and probably has the highest ceiling of any candidate" ....

And she gave the voters of New Hampshire an emotional closing argument.

Vox: Klobuchar: "There is a complete lack of empathy in this guy in the White House right now, and I will bring that to you. If you have trouble stretching your paycheck to pay for that rent, I know you. I will fight for you. If you have trouble deciding if you are going to pay for your child care or your long-term care, I know you and I will fight for you. If you have trouble figuring out if you’re going fill your refrigerator or prescription, I know you and I will fight for you."

Democrats are blessed with an assortment of talented candidates, so this year's nomination process may very well be a marathon, with a variety of "front-runners" along the way. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders have the momentum going into Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, but many voters haven't locked in their choice. Some question Buttigieg's experience and Bernie's "electability" in a general election. And Joe Biden no longer looks unbeatable, even in states like Nevada and S. Carolina. So there is plenty of room for another candidate to break through. Sen. Klobuchar and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg both sense an opening, but their timing is, by necessity, a bit different.

Klobuchar has been steadily gaining respect and support, but she needs a breakthrough soon to keep her donor base. She probably has to knock someone out of the top four in New Hampshire to remain viable. A third or fourth place finish would allow her to raise sufficient cash to campaign in the Super Tuesday states and convince voters that she is the moderate alternative to Joe Biden.

Bloomberg is also positioning himself as the moderate to replace Biden so he is likely rooting for Klobuchar to fail in New Hampshire. With her out of the race and Biden fading, he would then throw his millions into winning the "electability" race and, ultimately, the nomination.

On Tuesday, New Hampshire's voters will have a big say in the outcome. Last night Sen. Klobuchar made a strong argument that she is the moderate Democrat with the best chance to beat Donald Trump in November.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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