New Research Shows How Obamacare Has Improved Cancer Treatment

Two separate studies led by researchers at Yale and Johns Hopkins University show how thousands of cancer patients have benefited from the passage of the Affordable Care Act [ACA, Obamacare]. "Through the Yale study, it was revealed that in states where the ACA was used to expand access to Medicaid, racial disparities in how quickly cancer patients were treated nearly disappeared. The Johns Hopkins research showed that women with ovarian cancer, which is generally difficult to detect, received diagnoses at an earlier stage after Obamacare went into effect."

Washington Post: "Health policy experts who were not involved in the studies said the findings are consistent with previous data showing that the ACA is associated with improved access to health insurance and medical care."

Studies such as these have not stopped Republicans from trying to undermine the Affordable Care Act. however.

Washington Post: "The new research was released amid intensifying legal and political battles over the health law. The Trump administration joined Republican-led states last month in asking a federal appeals court to strike down the entire law as unconstitutional — a decision that could end health insurance for millions of Americans. Democrats have largely defended the law and pushed plans to shore it up and expand it, but some want to move more quickly toward a single-payer system."

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