Trump's Lies Top 10,000 and Have Dramatically Increased This Year

Donald Trump's "tsunami of untruths" just keep coming. The Washington Post's fact checkers noted that he has accumulated 10,000 false or misleading claims during his presidency and that the frequency has now surpassed 22 per day. The Post reported that he has racked up 5000 just since last September.

Moreover, He doesn't even seem to care that so many of his lies are easy to disprove. Recently, for instance, he has claimed his dad, Fred, was from Germany [he was born in the Bronx], that mothers and doctors are "executing" healthy babies after birth [they aren't], and that wind farms cause cancer [they don't].

Do Trump's supporters care that he lies constantly? We have written about this before in "Trump Lies as a Form of "Performance Art". His supporters know that he is dishonest, and they just don't care.

Illuminate: "To his supporters, Trump's lies are "performance art", a flamboyant display of his aversion to the smug intellectuals, and snide journalists that they abhor. And they love that he "lies big" in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is just making things up."

Chris Cillizza at CNN makes a similar point and offers a warning.

CNN: "But the simplest reason for why Trump lies (and lies) is because he can. Because he faces no real penalty for his near-constant fabrications (22 a day!) and in some circles is rewarded for sticking it to the hated media and political classes. Is all of that not only depressing but worrisome when it comes to the future of our democracy? You bet it is."

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