8 More Cool, Helpful and Funny Websites You Should Visit

Humans are so creative. Here are some websites to check out. They run the gamut from funny, to helpful, to interesting. All are worth a look.

1. Imgur: Everything viral from memes, to GIFs and videos, to photography. It's quite easy to get addicted to this site.

2. Unplug The TV: The site has a single video window which you can click to play informative videos, one at a time. You can skip to the next video if the subject doesn't interest you.

3. DontEvenReply.com: If you have a fairly warped sense of humor, you will enjoy this website. The author writes to folks who have advertised items on the internet. Things go downhill from there. LOL funny.

4. OCEARCH Shark Tracker: Very interesting site that allows you to track tagged sharks, whales and sea turtles around the globe, and sometimes right off your beach.

5. Ancient History: Award winning site for history buffs. Articles by renown historians, videos, photography, and illustrations.

6. This is Why I'm Broke.com: A collection of cool, odd, or amazing products that you will find almost nowhere else. Some are ridiculously expensive, others quite reasonable. Where else could you find Salt And Vinegar Grasshoppers, The Toilet Cleaning Robot, Flying Amphibious Boats, and Light Up Hoodies? And more cool stuff at Holy Cool.net. And our favorite... Dude I want That.com. A great place to find innovative gifts.

7. Attack of the Cute: For when you must have a dose of cute animal pictures, GIFs and videos. Yes, they are adorable. And if you need more try Open Puppies.

8. Idea Connection: A collection of new inventions, updated daily. Many of them have not been adapted into products yet, while others can be purchased via links from the website. Humans are so creative.




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