Some Wonderful Historical Photos From the Archives of the New York Times

I am a bit addicted to photography, especially pieces that have captured important moments in history. Many of these are quite rare. Unfortunately, many of the photographers are unknown. Enjoy.

1. "President Abraham Lincoln during his second inauguration speech on March 4, 1865. In the crowd ... in the balcony behind Lincoln and to his left, was [Lincoln's eventual assassin] John Wilkes Booth."

Photo Credit: Alexander Gardner

2. "President Theodore Roosevelt sitting on a steam shovel at the Panama Canal, 1906"

3. "Booker T. Washington holds a Carnegie Hall audience spellbound during his Tuskegee Institute Silver Anniversary Lecture. Mark Twain also spoke. January 23, 1906 Mark Twain is seated just behind Mr. Washington."

4. "Chicago in ruins after the The Great Chicago Fire of 1871."

5. America's greatest playwright, Eugene O'Neill with his wife Agnes Boulton and son Shane in Cape Cod, 1922.

6. "Harriet Tubman (c. 1820 – March 10, 1913), far left, with family and neighbors, circa 1887, at her home in Auburn, NY. Left to right: Harriet Tubman; Gertie Davis {Watson} (adopted daughter born 1874, died ?) behind Tubman; Nelson Davis (husband and 8th USCT veteran); Lee Chaney (neighbor's child); "Pop" John Alexander (elderly boarder in Tubman's home); Walter Green (neighbor's child); Blind "Aunty" Sarah Parker (elderly boarder); Dora Stewart (great-niece and granddaughter of Tubman's brother Robert Ross aka John Stewart)."

Photo Credit: William H. Cheney

7. "Rescued crew members from the RMS Titanic being given dry clothes in New York City, 1912."

8. "Howard Carter opens the innermost shrine of King Tutankhamun's tomb near Luxor, Egypt, 1922."

9. "Suffragists "march in October 1917, displaying placards containing the signatures of over one million New York women demanding to vote." Fifth Ave, NYC

10. "Charlie Chaplin stands on Douglas Fairbanks' shoulders during a WWI Liberty bonds rally. They are at the foot of George Washington’s statue in front of the Sub-Treasury (now Federal Hall National Memorial). 1918.

11. "Just before the last of these horse-drawn vehicles was banished from the streets of New York City, the photographer snapped one of them as it passed alongside a 'Modern Electric Car' powered by the conduit between the rails. This photo was shot on Broadway just north of the intersection with Broome Street. The car is headed southbound." Photo, looking north, shows horse-drawn and electric trams side by side."

Photo credit: The Brown Brothers

And, if you are interested, Illuminate is collecting historical photography here.

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