10 Little-Known But Interesting and Fun Websites to Explore

Students and friends often suggest cool websites they have visited recently and I would like to pass along some of the best. I had way too much fun compiling this list.

Radio Garden: Did you ever wonder what music folks were listening to in India or Morocco? Radio Garden lets you hear thousands of live radio stations across the globe, from New York to London to Moscow to Singapore. I found that I have no desire to live in Saudi Arabia.

Radiooooo: Similar. Pick a country, pick a decade and hear the music which was popular.

My Fridge Food: OK, this is a bit wacky, but fun. Tell them what's in your fridge and they will give you recipes to make from those ingredients.

Vote Smart: Select a politician and find their voting history, or find an elected official that agrees with you on the issues.

Free Campsites: Free campsites all over the world. Updated by the users.

McMansion Hell: Not useful at all, but funny! Pictures of really ugly large expensive real estate captioned by some very funny people. And, they have contests!

Post Secret: Not funny, but maybe the most intimate view of humanity on the internet. People post their most intimate secrets. Its hard to look away, even if you wanted to.

Literature Map: It helps you find authors similar to ones you already love.

Open Culture: It has an amazing collection of all things cultural, from museum websites, free classic movies, concerts, documentaries, books, texts, lectures. You can spend hours here.

Explore.org Live-cams: This is seriously cool. Live cams all over the world of wildlife. I just watched some elephants frolicking in a lake, real-time.

By: Don Lam, Curated

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