The Trump Trade Wars: Hurting His Supporters and Disrespecting Our Allies

It now appears as if the President has managed to use his executive powers to hurt our traditional allies, as well as many in his loyal voting base. Not only has he offended many long standing allies, spanning the globe, but his policies have put many U.S.- based companies in the position of having to consider shutting down or moving production offshore. Retaliatory tariffs from affected countries are being focused on iconic U.S. brands like Harley Davidson & U.S. automobile brands. How will the U.S. recover from the damage to our own economy and our traditional international relationships?

From The most highly affected states, California, Tennessee, and Washington, can be key factors in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Washington Post: "Trump promised farmers ‘smarter’ trade deals. Now he has to bail them out. "

The Economist: " The Trump administration imposes tariffs on America’s closest allies "

Is Mr. Trump really trying to bring the U.S. better trade terms with the rest of the world? Is he really so tuned into which countries need to be brought into a more equitable trade relationship with America? Does he care about the long-term damage he's doing to our relationships with historic allies who have supported the U.S. in all kinds of conflicts around the world with the blood of their young soldiers? Or is he just trying to buttress his image as this great "deal maker"? Is the President doing his job or simply playing a role?

Trump supporters who declared their allegiance to him "no matter what," now see their jobs in jeopardy and are waking up to see their dire situation with clear eyes. And those in the U.S. government, from veteran civil servants to diplomats to generals, are now questioning the long-term impact of these measures implemented against so many economies around the globe - from fragile to robust.

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