The Trump Foundation Lawsuit Defines Donald Trump

The Trump Foundation lawsuit brought by the State of New York last week has gotten lost in the sheer volume of Donald Trump and Trump Administration scandals that come at us so quickly and constantly that many Americans choose to tune it out and his supporters chalk it up to his opponents trying to undermine his presidency. But pretty much everything you need to know about Donald Trump and his basic philosophy is encapsulated in this scandal. The Foundation that he started NEVER had a charitable intent...never! Let me be clear. It was never intended to help a single person other than Donald Trump and his business organization.

By Tristan Snell, CNN: "It is about Trump's blatant and persistent practice of lying to people, then taking their money, and acting as if no law or regulation or governmental authority ever applies to him.

.... Emails among members of Trump's innermost circle show that the "foundation" was not a separate entity or a proper charity but allegedly just another slush fund from which Trump could pay people for his personal and political benefit.

... With the Trump Foundation, according to New York's attorney general office, he allegedly exploited veterans as political pawns by taking the charity donations of well-meaning patriots and used them for his own gain."

In short, most Americans view a charity as an organization established to serve the public good, but Donald Trump saw his Foundation as a means of accepting non-taxable donations to him and his business organization. That is who our President is and if you support him, that is what you support.



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