8 of the Most Iconic Photos of all Time

What makes a photo iconic? I think its the impact it has...and how it represents an age or event without words, without having to explain what it is meant to convey. There are hundreds, but the 8 below are instantly recognizable and carry meaning beyond the event they capture.

All the grief of so many is captured in the face of 1 mother during the great Global Depression of the 1930s. Photo by Dorothea Lange.

Actually, this picture is of the second man on the moon taken by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

A tragic event, but also one which included a warning about technological innovation and hubris. Taken by Sam Shere in 1937.

The picture was taken during the Tet Offensive and quickly came to represent the brutality of the Vietnam War and served to galvanize he antiwar movement in America. It was taken by Eddie Adams in 1968.

On more than a few t-shirts...... Che represents so many different things to different people, but he is probably best remembered as a freedom fighter against a brutish and corrupt.regime. The truth is that he represented both the brutal and hopeful nature of cold war era revolutions in Latin America and around the world. The photo was taken by Alberto Korda in 1960.

Nagasaki, 1945. In turns it represents, victory, technology, and the savagery of war. If we had not used nuclear weapons in Japan and seen this image and understood the devastation of nuclear war, might we have used them in Korea? Photo by Lieutenant Charles Levy.

We still don't know his name, but his bravery captured in this image united the world against China's brutal Tiananmen Square crackdown. Jeff Widener, 1989

And, ending on a happier note, a photo that represents the end of the horrors of WWII, VJ Day 1945. Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times square. Possibly the most iconic photo of the 20th Century.

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