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King Size Red Zacualpa Bedspread & ​Two Matching Throw Pillow Cover Set

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Handmade King Size [108 x 95] Red Zacualpa Bedspread & Two Matching Throw Pillow Cover Set. Beautiful Red with a woven decorative band at the top and bottom. Cotton. Matching Pillow Covers are 18 x 18 inches. Fair Trade.

To make a Zacualpa bedspread on a back-strap loom, the weaver starts with raw cotton that must be washed, combed and spun. She first stretches the long threads along a warping board to the desired length and attaches them firmly to her loom. Then she begins the complex process of weaving. To brocade, colored yarns are woven into the cloth to create the designs as the cloth itself is being woven. The weaver adjusts the tension of the loom by leaning forward or back because of the strap that fits around her back, hence the name "back-strap loom."

This item ships within 30-45 business days. Our artisans can weave almost any color Zacualpa bedspread, so if you would prefer another color, just email us at and we will special order it for you. No additional cost.

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