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Handmade Guatemalan Wool Throw Blanket

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Handmade Guatemalan Wool Throw Blanket. 50 x 60 inches. Soft & Warm. Colored with natural plant dyes. Beautiful Maya Designs!

These amazing wool throws are made by Toledo Melesio Ajanel in Momomstenango. The wool blankets from this village have been declared a "National Cultural Heritage" of Guatemala.

Toledo does every part of the process including shearing the sheep. He washes the wool by hand, lets it dry in the sun, spins the wool and uses natural dyes to color the yarn. He uses patterns passed down through generations that incorporate Mayan designs. The looms too were passed down through his family.

Dying the yarn naturally is a lengthy process. He begins by soaking the yarn and natural dye in cold water for 8 days, followed by one day of heat, and then fixes the colors using ash. The color comes from the plant dye anil [indigo] from which they make two different hues of blue.

Each is a unique example of textile art. To our knowledge, these aren't available anywhere else in N. America.

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