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Guest Posting:

We would like to have many voices heard on Illuminate, so we invite you to submit articles for consideration. 

You may include links back to your website [if you have one] and we would consider trading pieces back and forth between our sites.

Here are the general guidelines:

  • High quality, original content, and it should also include links to cited material.

  • Topics that would be a good fit for Illuminate would include pieces on:

    • Politics

    • The Environment

    • Culture [Music, Art, Philosophy, etc.]

    • History and Archaeology

    • Science

    • International Relations

  • Include a short bio about you.

  • We will make a graphic to go with the post, so you don’t need to worry about that (unless you are doing something that would lend itself to something other than a stock photo)

Send your post and bio to with the heading "guest post".

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